SHOCKTILT 2 / NEONS 3 - MAG 104pages

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Second issue of Shocktilt magazine. Founded by Kristian Olsson (Alfarmania / Survival Unit) in 2005 to focus on the most obscure and violent forms of industrial music. With over a decade between the two issues, it is filled to the brim with just that, but also exploring other territories. Published as a collaborative split-zine with french anti-social matter Neons, so it contains their third issue as well.
Only available in limited edition from Tesco and directly from Styggelse. 64 pro-printed pages - A4 format - heavy cardboard cover Extra material (Shocktilt): 8 pages color material + 32 pages A5 complement. Total: 104 pages.
SHOCKTILT : Otto Trupp Editorial Deviation Social Proiekt Hat / Hatband Blod Irgun Z'wai Leumi Wintheer Korpses Katatonik / Zero Kama / Nekrophile Rekords Servile Ghost Tapes / Medical Data Hell is intimate: Jimmy Smack, Thurnemans, Neckparty Metgumbnerbone & Curfew Recordings Sir Ashleigh Grove Dave Gilden For Dah Industry Last House On Dead End Street Ashenden Ultra Dom America Slave State Ulex Xane / Streicher (Zero Cabal) John Murphy: Rest in Power (Ulex Cane) Paul Kerin: Mutilated Victory Bruno Cossano Con-Dom Genocide Organ: Archive Documents The Deverlils Nexion Karl N.E: Visions of Dawn The Grey Wolves Picture post-mortem: Blood Ov Thee Christ & Club Moral in Sundsvall 1986 Engürdetz / Brainbombs The Concrete and Mortar of Eternity The Berlin Wall Woman: Objectum Sexuality and the Guillotine Museum Thurneman - Occultist and Serial Killer: An Interview with Wulvaricht One Hundred Essential Noise Releases as recommended by Tommy Carlsson Paul Kerin: Ruinbous aquired traits Pelle Åhman: Mental funeral Visual art: Mikko Aspa, Maurizio Bianchi, Nolan Throop, Ingrid Vardein.
Colour extra: Genocide Organ Karl N.E. Danny Devos / Club Moral Coup De Grace Slave State Mikko Aspa
Content A5 complement: Otto Trupp Kristian Olsson Henrik Söderström Produktion P16.D4 Iphar mailorder list The believe behind / beyond Ramleh Blod Final Solution Blood Ov Thee Christ Coup De Grace The Grey Wolves Deviation Social Nails Ov Christ Zeal Assault Systems Come Organisation Pietro Mazzochin letters to RJF Merzbow / ZSF Produkt Proiekt Hat R&D Group 28 / Apocalypse A Go Go Slave State Club Moral / The Parts Maurizio Bianchi Etat Brut The Dadarotator Equinox Event Mauthausen Orchestra Vagina Dentata Organ
NEONS FANZINE: No Trend Stephen Bessac (Kickback) interview part 2: Back on the prowl Double gay porn feature: Born to raise hell 1975 / Poing the force 1976 Savage Death Thou Shall Not Smile The Toolbox Killers Bittaker & Norris When Pornography Is No Longer Enough Dj Screw No One Can Hear You Scream Life Is Beautiful
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