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Limited edition of 400 copies. Includes large 48 paged LP-sized booklet and an official numbered certificate. Edge City Broadcasts A1 –Negative Reaction Land Of Surrender 4:12 A2 –Thrush & The Cunts Little Miss Responsible 1:07 A3 –The Go Set (2) Junk Logic 2:06 A4 –Stand By Your Guns Caught Up In It 1:08 A5 –The Oroton Bags Bachelors 2:47 A6 –The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living & Became Mixed Up Zombies* Dub Version 1:24 A7 –Nervous System (3) Rendition 3:05 A8 –Xero (2) Strangers, Immigrants & Bandits 3:19 A9 –Wild West (2) Chinchilla 2:59 A10 –Phil Turnbull Slow 1:39 A11 –Yclept Dinmakers Kapu Or Higgins 1:41 A12 –A Cloakroom Assembly Has Anybody Seen My Body 2:15 B1 –Hugo Klang Mad Bakes The Problematic Head 6:33 B2 –ZGlutz Funky Jonestown 1:34 B3 –Zerox Dreamflesh Track 3 3:19 B4 –Pork (8) Warming Up The Pipes 3:06 B5 –Knapp Vocal Claws 3:28 B6 –Laughing Hands Seven 3:28 B7 –Wrong Kind Of Stone Age Toil 2:40 B8 –The Unconscious Collective (2) Untitled 1:08 B9 –Winding Up Toys Matter (With Spin Dry Smiles) 2:38 C1 –Art Poetry Oral Licks 1:26 C2 –Man Made Haze How To Erase All Human Life 2:01 C3 –Swsw Thrght Space Junk 2:42 C4 –Volapuk (3) We Are Not Laughing 2:15 C5 –Social Interiors Raisecine 3:38 C6 –Gestalt (11) Adventures Of A Flea Chained To The Floor 1:38 C7 –Gestalt (11) Latent Doings 0:54 C8 –ismISM Resolution 1:19 C9 –Systematics Stringbag Of Death 2:23 C10 –Scattered Order Villa Life 2:47 C11 –The Loop Orchestra First Performance Untitled 5:00 C12 –Nada (6) Movement VIII 0:49 C13 –Nada (6) Broken 0:30 C14 –Chemical Newsfront Tank Music 0:26 D1 –Lumberjack & Educational Survey Chapel Of The Holy Innocents (VII) 4:12 D2 –Volenti Non Fit Injuria Sylvestre Matuachka & Five People Called Leo 2:42 D3 –Vormittagsspuk Vormittagsspuk 1:26 D4 –Bleak (3) Systems Of Feedback 2:01 D5 –War, Meat, & The Dictator War, Meat, & The Dictator 5:39 D6 –Krang* Diabolis 2:37 D7 –Atomic Disease Ballistic 1:59 D8 –Boxmusik Kommunion (I) 1:35 D9 –Violence In Spring Facing A Hand 1:52 D10 –No-Hiss Research 1:26 D11 –Educational Survey Salted Pictures 2:22 Lymph Products E1 –The Horse He's Sick Untitled 1:43 E2 –The Horse He's Sick Untitled 1:48 E3 –The Horse He's Sick Untitled 3:32 E4 –The Horse He's Sick Untitled 2:36 E5 –The Horse He's Sick Untitled 1:48 E6 –Cerebral Haemorrhage Kissing Their Chains Of Slavery 3:26 E7 –Kurt Volentine Excerpt From Rivet Nourishment 1:26 E8 –Cut With The Kitchen Knife Bedlam Is Not Jam 2:14 E9 –Cut With The Kitchen Knife We All Play Dead 3:25 E10 –The Horse He's Sick Hypnotrigger 2:10 E11 –The Horse He's Sick Hot Millions 1:50 E12 –The Horse He's Sick Don't Know Where You Came From 1:53 Browning Mummery - Borderlands F1 –Browning Mummery I.T.G. 1:00 F2 –Browning Mummery Dancing With The Dead 2:14 F3 –Browning Mummery Sensory Automatism 0:55 F4 –Browning Mummery Kommunion (II) 2:30 F5 –Browning Mummery Profession Exacta 3:12 F6 –Browning Mummery Mass In Time Of War 1:35 F7 –Browning Mummery Waking Knowledge Of Sleep 5:47 F8 –Browning Mummery The Last Judgement 3:35 F9 –Browning Mummery Invisible Corpse In Orbit 2:23 F10 –Browning Mummery Study In Masochism 1:14 F11 –Browning Mummery Bicardiac Clutch 3:07 Terse Related Bands G1 –Wet Taxis Donny And Marie 1:02 G2 –Severed Heads Petrol (Live) 4:33 G3 –Go Back To Your Precious Wife And Son Rhythmic Arc 1:05 G4 –Wet Taxis Dare You! 2:51 G5 –Severed Heads Deano's Couch 2:33 G6 –Wet Taxis Fellate Your Baby 4:10 G7 –Rhino Rhino RH+* Mr Hat 2:20 G8 –Rhino Rhino RH+* My Mother The Car 3:01 G9 –Rhino Rhino RH+* RFMOD 2:06 H1 –Rhino Rhino RH+* Utensil 4:19 H2 –Mr And Mrs No Smoking Sign* Come Home And Have Your Tea 2:27 H3 –Mindless Delta Children Go Go Dancer PVC Apron 2:46 H4 –Holiday Funn Each Tick 2:18 H5 –Holiday Funn Sounds Familiar 0:50 H6 –Pissy Relay Switches Snacks And Chips 1:25 H7 –Pissy Relay Switches Diskettes 3:01 H8 –Pissy Relay Switches Good Times Too 1:38 H9 –Pissy Relay Switches Good Times 2:24 H10 –Mindless Delta Children All Clones Look The Same To Me 2:11 Hiroshima Chair I1 –Hiroshima Chair Spastic Antelope Bit 3:48 I2 –Hiroshima Chair Forefinger Kinda Beckon 3:04 I3 –Hiroshima Chair Tu 3:57 I4 –Hiroshima Chair I Think That Dress Is Completely Ruined (I Really Do.2) 3:28 I5 –Hiroshima Chair Kick 4:34 M Squared & Related J1 –Splendid Mess NASA Secret Anzac 4:06 J2 –Systematics Midnight On Balancing Day 3:19 J3 –The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast The Dead Travel Fast 6:33 J4 –Height/Dismay Picnic On The Nile 2:11 J5 –Prod (3) A Brick Short 3:30 J6 –Scattered Order Heat 3:51 J7 –The Barons (2) Always Lurking 1:12 J8 –Ya Ya Choral Cowboys Are Pt 2 3:23 Severed Heads - Clean K1 –Severed Heads Love 2:06 K2 –Severed Heads Don't Saxophone 3:13 K3 –Severed Heads Book 4:19 K4 –Severed Heads Tiny Fingers 3:02 K5 –Severed Heads Heavily Tattooed Men And Women 3:20 K6 –Severed Heads Violins And Moonlight 3:37 L1 –Severed Heads Traumat 2:10 L2 –Severed Heads Our Own Home 2:06 L3 –Severed Heads Charivari 2:36 L4 –Severed Heads Nightsong 7:05 L5 –Severed Heads Car Advertisement 2:49 Severed Heads - Ear Bitten M1 –Severed Heads All Rights Reserved 4:09 M2 –Severed Heads God Factory 3:08 M3 –Severed Heads Hawaii Torso 97 Cigarettes 2:47 M4 –Severed Heads Acid Fur 3:03 M5 –Severed Heads Dance 4:17 M6 –Severed Heads New York Is A Lonely Town 1:37 M7 –Severed Heads Unlisted Track 1:54 Severed Heads - Side 2 N1 –Severed Heads Much About Bones 2:24 N2 –Severed Heads Scat 4:29 N3 –Severed Heads Pander To The Natives 5:06 N4 –Severed Heads For Garry 2:02 N5 –Severed Heads The Monkey Is Safe 4:27 N6 –Severed Heads 1-2-3 A Baby Buggy 2:08 N7 –Severed Heads Pinstripe/Hello Donald, Merry Christmas 3:49
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