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Recorded at Slut's Hole Studio, London during the warm wet winter of 1995/96 ev. Cut at Porky's. This is a Sidereal Sound Recording for Eskaton Records. We'd like to bestow our best wishes, thanks and lovelovelove to the following in no particular order for their inspiration, participation, and celebration: Rose McDowall & Robert Lee, Keri McDowall, Paul Sinclair, Sunshine Jackson, Charlotte Coleman, David Michael Tibet, Kat, Steven Stapleton, Dido, and all at Cooloorta, Boyd Rice & Lisa & Wolf, Maya Harding, Jim Wilson, John Wagland, John Everall & Theresa, Robin Rimbaud/Scanner, Henry Boxer, Daniel Miller, all at World Serpent (Gibby, Alison & Alan), Chris & Cosey, Monte Cazazza & Michele Handleman, Adam Parfrey, Douglas P, Ken Lloyd, Alix Sharkey, Scott Armstrong, Don Bowles, Ruth Beyer, Paul Smith & Russell at Disobey/Blast First, Oval, Panasonic, Sean & Rob of Autechre, Rob/Gescom, Chantelle and all at Warp, ELpH, Wormsine, Rosa Mundi, William S. Burroughs & James Grauerholz, John Giorno, Hakim Bey, Attila & Greg Clow, John Bains, Martin Starr, Geoff Cox, Biba Kopf, Sav X, Trent Reznor & John Malm, and all at nothing records, Michael Moniyhan, Kim Cascone/Silent Records, Tommy Udo, Ambient Soho, Sister Marie Gabriel, Kevin Spencer/Robot Records, Colin Constantin/Zion Train, Josh Seaver, Ford Proco, Nick at Compendium, Robert Ansell & Hayley, Gavin Semple, Tim D'Arch Smith, William Stukeley, Aubrey Burl, Paul Devraux, Max Eastley, Jacqueline Wesley, Vikki, Dave/Fat Cat, Mick Harris/Scorn, Robert Gilbert, Jill Mingo, Jack Parsons, Cameron, Bee & Andi, Clive Barker, Billy Morrison, Ray Gange, Terence McKenna, Julian Cope, Pete, Jude, Nigel, Darryl and Jamie at the Rough Trade shops, Sjon Martens, PWOG, Dael, Bruce La Bruce, Michael Flanagan & Diamanda Galas, Olaf Hagen, Donald, John Maybury, Nicola Bowery & Minty, Fiz and Jordi, Dennis Cooper, Alex Binnie, Ian Shipley, Nigel Price, Harmonia, Atom Heart, Tetsu Inoue, Hypnotism Records, Bill Laswell & Janet, Toni & Jenni Rushton, Mathew R. Lewis, and blessings & thanks be to AOS and ZOS. "Why be bleak when you can be Blake?" - J.B. In Memoriam Bruce Gallagher Leigh Bowery Wavey Davey/Emma Steve Abbott Spud Jones Derek Jarman Richard Highgate This release сontains two bonus tracks: 11 is previously unreleased; 12 was previously released on Eskaton vinyl editions Coil Presents Black Light District - A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room
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